Midwest Citizens for Responsible Outdoor Lighting - MCROL

USDA Forest Service Class 1 Federal Areas - 1997 Study - East

Light Pollution Impact - Severe

Light Pollution Impact - Moderate

    Bradwell Bay Wilderness Area Caney Creek Wilderness Area Dolly Sods Wilderness Area
    Great Gulf Wilderness Area Joyce Kilmer-Slickrock
    Wilderness Area
    Otter Creek Wilderness Area
    Rainbow Lake Wilderness Area    

Light Pollution Impact - Slight

    Boundary Waters Canoe
    Area Wilderness Area
    Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area  

As a rough estimate - around Green you loose approximately half of the visible stars and around Orange you loose three-fourths. - Robert Wagner

  • Key and US Forecasted Growth
    These images were produced using the North American Night Sky Brightness Overlay and Google Earth.
    The list of 156 Mandatory Class 1 Federal Areas is available at the EPA Website.
    A map of Federal Class 1 Areas is available at the NPS Website.
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